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Green world Tourism gives you occasion to feel the urban ambience and explore the culture, tradition and lifestyle of villagers. You will be surprised to see the people living in these Kerala villages are leading simple life and are relaxed with all what they have got. Following the traditional values and patterns of life, these Kerala villages offer the charm of old era.
A tourist can practice a variety of village activities in villages. Some of the activities going around there are Coir Yarn Processing, Copra processing, Crab Farming, Clam meat processing, Chinese Net operation, Net making, Weaving Coconut Leaves, Country Boating, Casting of Nets, Groping of Fish.
Coir Yarn Processing
Coir yarn is made with coir fibers separated from coconut husks. Coir yarn is used to make carpets.
Copra processing
The coconut is cut into two pieces and sun dried to extract coconut oil.The entire process will take three days before extracting coconut oil.
Crab Farming
Crabs usually found in the brackish water of Kerala are
1. Mud crab/Green crab
2. Red crab
Clam meat processing
Clams are shellfish found in the brackish waters. Shells are used for making white cement, Cement based paints and fertilizers.
Chinese Net operation
Chinese nets were introduced by Chinese during 15th century . Electrical lighting is used to attract the fishes and prawns. Usually two persons are operating one net. Cost of constructing a new net may vary from Rs.40,000 to Rs. 60,000.
Net making
As many of the villagers find their livelihood from fishing, knitting the net is also identified as a profession. Many of the villagers are engaged in making the net and their repairing.
Weaving Coconut Leaves
Coconut leaves are weaved by Ladies. Weaved coconut leaves are used for thatching the roof and for fencing. For this, green coconut leaves are first seasoned in brackish water which will increase the life of the weaved leaves.
Country Boating
Country boats are made up of wood like Wild jack tree, Teak etc. Wood is first split into planks of thickness ¾ to 2 inches. These planks are then joined with coir yarn with a coir fibre filling. Oil extracted from sardine fish or Neem or cashew nut shell etc are used to make a protective coating. Big boats are used for transporting goods and travel. Small boats are used for fishing. During boating, visitors can have a close watch of different fishing methods.
Casting of Nets
This is a traditional method of fishing. Here, the conical shaped nets fitted with lead weight at the bottom are spread into the water with one yarn in the hand. The weight fitted at the bottom will keep the fishes inside the net.
Groping of Fish
This is a skillful method of fishing done by ladies using fingers. A group of ladies move in a line and grope fishes from the backwaters.
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