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Yoga is an approach of life; an attitude of living that strives for stability between the mind, body and spirit and seeks to maintain all these aspects of a person in a healthy and active state. The word Yoga means union and suggests the union of the body, mind and spirit. Yoga as it is commonly practiced around the world is called Hatha Yoga and was formalized by the sage Patajali in his work the Yoga Sutras. Patanjali is therefore known as the Father of Yoga.
Hatha Yoga consists of a series of postures or asanas, which offer flexibility to the body and tones its muscles. The mixture of various asanas can grant a total workout and provide both physical and mental recreation. The meditation and mental discipline as well as the breathing exercises of Yoga are a necessary part of the practice of Yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga devised by Guru Patanjali is a full plan for the holistic improvement of an individual. These eight steps are Disciplined Behavior (Yama), Self Purification (Niyama), Bodily Posture (Asana), Breath control (pranayama), Sensual control (Pratyahara), Concentration (Dharana), Meditation (Dhyana), Absolute state of tranquility and eternity (Samadhi).
Today there are several schools of Yoga around the world. The practice of yoga by celebrities has added to its popular image. Asanas such as Savasana which produces a state of recreation and Suryanamaskara, which involves stretching all the muscles of the body in a prayer to the Sun God, are of extraordinary help in combating stress and keeping the body flexible.
The advanced practitioner of yoga can manage his or her blood pressure, and yoga has been proved to help patients with diabetes, hypertension and arthritis. The healing powers of yoga, when practiced properly with the help of a guru can help you achieve a better union of mind, body and spirit.
Benefits of Yoga
Brings stability and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.
Helps with strength, flexibility range of motion and balance
Calms the brain, Reduces strain and worry
Revitalizes the body and psyche
Slows heart rate
Lowers blood pressure
Increases circulation
Strengthens and tones muscles
Helps to detoxify system
Improves function of internal organs
Balances muscular system
Increases metabolism and energy
Can help reduce depression, stress and insomnia
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