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India offers an extensive range of adventure sports for tourists. Trekking and Skiing in the Himalayas, White Water Rafting on the Ganges and Beas, Camel and Jeep safaris in the deserts of Rajasthan, Paragliding in Himachal and Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep and Andaman are just some of the options available to the tourists who is seeking adventure. Coniferous forests and flower meadows welcome the trekker. Lakshadweep offers excellent wind surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the lagoons which surround each island.
Camel Safari
Camel Safaris of India are now one of Asia's fastest selling adventure holidays.
These include camel treks ranging from short rides around Jaisalmer to extensive trips that remind you of Lawrence of Arabia on his epic journey across the Sahara, Marco Polo, on the historic silk route, a medieval merchant leading his caravan through the hostile spice route or a royal caravan serai heading for one of the medieval kingdoms of the Thar desert- without many of the hardships of course! They are a great way to see the desert and to enjoy a novel and adventurous holiday.
Mountaineering as a sport has a history as old as the history of the evolution of human race itself. Mountaineering started when the need was felt for people who could climb difficult heights and terrains to meet people across the border, to trade, or to conquer new territories. In the course of time, man developed new modes of transportation and communication and venturing out on these difficult routes were not needed. So far, what remained was his nature to take risks and getting satisfaction in conquering something totally unknown and unexplored. This inner urge to take up challenges has led man to do things that are quite daring.
The exploration of paragliding is something you just cannot miss. Soar over the hills, dip whenever you aspire to get a better view of the Earth, glide and sail, experience the freedom of the bird. The thrill of have your own wings. Paragliding is fun for the people who constantly would love to reach new heights. Be amongst the stars during the day and count the constellations at night. We offer training for the novice too.
Elephant Safari
Elephant is the best feasible choice offered to admire the splendor of nature. The wildlife adventure in India is partial if an Elephant safari is not contain in the itinerary. Do not forget to click the tigers in the Reserve. Even horse safaris do well with the tourists in India. The strong and brawny animal has since long been galloping across the terrific terrain in India.
Rock Climbing
It is not quite easy to define rock climbing, but it is not difficult too. Anyone who claims to be a rock climber has his own version of the game.
Rock climbing for some is to dare their spirits and discover new heights, to give a boost to their abundant imaginations; for others, it is a way to tell the world that he/she has finally arrived. For many of the expert rock climbers, it is not a sport. For them, rock climbing is an adventure of the maximum magnitude; it is a fight against self, against the elements, and the ultimate goal is to reach the summit and return back alive.
Scuba Diving
One of the supreme adventures in life can be to discover the totally mysterious and unfamiliar world under sea. The joy of floating inside the sea like a fish where every creature is your friend and every new sight is a discovery can be enormous. In addition, the sheer thrill of watching the rich flora and fauna of the sea in their natural habitat is beyond compare.
The sheer joie de vivre inspired by one's first victorious slide down a ski slope defies explanation. Once restricted to a privileged few, the adrenalin-producing pastime of skiing has been brought within the range of the common man now. For the purist, there is unsullied, powdery snow. For the talented and ego-conscious, there are punishing runs. For wobbly beginners and confident intermediates, there are easy slopes and understanding instructors who soon inspire dreams of Olympic glory.
Off late, trekking in India is becoming popular among the tourists all over the world. This might have been a new experience for the travelers from abroad, for Indians, these mountains signify not only the natural beauty but also a source of spiritual guidance. Trekking has remained men's passion from the day he took his first step on the earth. He always ventured out of home and his natural surroundings to explore something new, a world that was strange to him. It is astonishing to learn that the human race migrated from one continent to another when there were no means of communication, no helping hands, and most of them who left their home could never return back.
White Water Rafting
If you want to get some kick, some change in life, or just to have some fun, river rafting can satisfy most of your desires. If you have the zeal, then go for the challenge and show others that you can do it. White-water rafting is not for fashionable thrill seekers, but for those who thrive on hair-soaking risks, which keep the adrenalin flowing overtime! The thrill of rushing down fast-flowing mountain streams a froth with huge waves, dashing against dangerous boulders and dizzy rapids, while you cling for dear life dependent on a fragile, inflatable rubber raft or dinghy.
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